Monday 5 April 2010

Starting with micro RC planes

I started with radio controlled models of planes in 1996. Back then, electricity was making its way to the model planes and the methanol engines were ruling the scene. I was dreaming of having a small RC model that I could fly anywhere and anytime. I wasn't really paying too much attention to the development in the field in the past ten years; was just flying time to time with my old planes.

My first RC model - a glider, Tracy

This Easter holiday, I went to see my parents and was surprised to see that my dad is using so much more advanced equipment in his bigger model planes. Read through some of his RC magazines and found a model of my dreams!

A micro RC model, fully aerobatic, good looking, ready to fly.

It was a review of an "ultra-micro" P51-D Mustang - 400 mm wingspan, weight about 35 g. Got astonished by this type of micro plane. Researched the web and found a variety of models in this category. Discovery of the planes like this one made me decide to start flying models actively in my current location, Southend-on-Sea. I moved here quite recently but didn't take any of my RC gear.

So, in the end decided to get a micro Sukhoi SU-26M and 2.4 GHz band transmitter DX6i to start my comeback into RC flying.

This is the Sukhoi flying (Credit: Parkzone)

Will report back with the experience from "assembly" and flying. Looking forward to being able to fly anywhere in just a few spare minutes of time.


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