Sunday 18 April 2010

More flying with SU26m

During the Easter holidays, I had a chance to fly the micro Sukhoi more often. Became more familiar with its characteristics. SU26 is capable of all the basic aerobatics. With the fresh batteries it is capable of vertical lift up to the sky, however, it slows down and it is hard to control. Have had just over 40 minutes of flying time with the plane, so still need to discover its full potential.

It still amazes me that I can fly this tiny plane everywhere, no preparation is required; just switch the transmitter on, plug the batteries in and fly. The only condition is 'no wind.'

Enjoyed flying at a few very scenic locations in Scotland.

The SU26m and the snowy Scottish Highlands.

Flying in an old quarry was an excellent experience, nice quarry scenery, quarry lake and good protection from the wind.

SU26m posing in the quarry with the lake

Overall experience so far is very good. The hardest part of the flying is, as always, landing. Landing into grass is easy, any kind of crash landing with throttle off will do. Haven't tried landings on tarmac yet. Take-offs are simple. Taking off from a picnic table was a lot of fun. The plane asks to be played with and invites you to try a variety of crazy things you would not think of doing with a full scale model plane.


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